Whorl, 2014

When visitors enter Whorl’s installation space, their presence activates a lush fabric of abstract flora. Whorl was created in collaboration with David Glicksman and Damon Seeley,

Contribution: Experience design, interaction design, software system.

Exhibition History: 

Whorl, UCLA’s Interpretive Media Laboratory (IMLab) at the Los Angeles State Historic Park, 2014 — present

Navilandia, 2012

Navilandia was a community art intervention situated in Parque Patricios,  an economically challenged neighborhood in Buenos Aires.  I was invited to create a technologically appropriate geographic information system (GIS) to enable community groups to construct interpretive digital maps of their participation in the intervention. I then used these maps as source material for an online artwork.

The Navilandia intervention was staged in 2012.

Cunningham MinEvent, 2011

Cunningham MinEvents explore Merce Cunningham's concept of indeterminacy.  Choreography, lighting design, sound, and costume design are created independently and only brought together at the time of the performance.   

For this MinEvent a realtime reactive graphics system responded to the dancers; turning their bodies into "brushes" and serendipitously creating a painterly composition through their performance.

Contribution: projection design, realtime graphics, computer-vision system.

This Cunningham MinEvent was performed at the Mendenhall Performing Arts Center in Northampton, Massachusetts in 2011.

Drafting Poems: Inverted Potentialities, 2002 – 2006

In Drafting Poems, an artificially intelligent system reacts to user stimuli and creates meaningful poetry.

Exhibition History:

Remote, ACM Multimedia, Santa Barbara, California, 2006. (Curated)

Leonardo II, ACE2006, Los Angeles, California, 2006. (Juried, Awarded Silver Medal)

Last: Design | Media Arts MFA Thesis Exhibition, New Wight Gallery, Los Angeles, California 2002.

Ecce Homology, 2003 — 2005

Ecce Homology is a physically interactive artwork that visualizes genetic data as calligraphic forms. Ecco Homology was created in collaboration with Ruth West, Jeff Burke, Cheryl Kerfeld, Tom Holton, JP Lewis, Ethan Drucker, and Weihong Yang.

Contribution: Experience design, interaction design, computer-vision system, systems integration.


Exhibition History:

R. West, J. Burke, E. Mendelowitz, J. P. Lewis, and C. Kerfeld, “ACTG to Calligraphy: Genetic Visualization for Ecce Homology,” in Proceedings of the 2006 IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization (INFOVIS’06), 2006. (Curated)

SIGGRAPH Art Gallery, LA Convention Center, Los Angeles, California, 2005. (Curated)

Within: From the Verandah: Art Presence and Buddhism, Fowler Museum, Los Angeles, California, 2003. (Curated)

Target Interactive Breezeway, 2005

The Target Interactive Breezeway is a public art installation whose  ephemeral interaction can be meaningfully experienced by the throngs of tourists visiting Rockefeller Center's rooftop attraction. The Target Interactive Breezeway was created in collaboration with Electroland.

Contribution: Experience design, interaction design, realtime graphics, lighting control.

The Target Interactive Breezeway was installed in 2005 at the “Top of the Rock” in Rockefeller Center in New York, New York.